Project Overview

The objective of the ‘Wise Use of N Fertiliser on Hill Country’ project was to demonstrate the wise use of fertiliser nitrogen (N) under commercial conditions in a range of hill farming situations in order to encourage practices that enhance long-term farm profitability whilst minimising potential detrimental environmental effects.

The project had three components.  They were:

  1. Research
    • Paddock scale trials at Ballantrae and Invermay, investigating the effect of various rates of N-fertiliser on pasture performance and some aspects of environmental performance
    • This facet of the project mainly involved AgResearch Scientists

  2. Focus farm demonstrations
    • The focus farms investigated the use of N-fertiliser under different commercial conditions and incorporated relevant information from the research trials.  The community groups linked the farming sector to policy and agri-business
    • This facet of the project predominantly involved the focus farm groups (which included farmers, facilitators, agri-business reps and AgResearch scientists) and also involved Regional Council reps

  3. Networking and communication
    • This component focused on the dissemination of project results/information to stakeholders and encouraged feedback from these parties.  It aimed to provide sufficient information for the development of best management practices so that N-use on hill country could be given a sensible future direction
    • This facet of the project predominantly involved the Steering Group and all other stakeholders, e.g. the wider farmer audience, fertiliser industry, policy makers, environmental groups, media, project sponsors and other agri-businesses

The project ran from August 2004 until March 2008. 

Click here to view a presentation on the project

The project was overseen by a Steering Committee which was responsible for project governance.  Click here to see profiles for the Steering Committee members

The project was funded by the MAF SFF (now MPI), Fert Research (Now Fertiliser Association of New Zealand), Meat and Wool NZ (now Beef&Lamb NZ), Ravensdown Co-op Ltd, Ballance Agri-Nutrients Ltd and PGGRC, and was run by AgResearch. Click here to see more information on the funders.

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